Labial Dental Alveolar Alveolo-palatal Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Plosive p / b t / d c / ɟ k / g
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Trill r ʀ
Fricative ɸ / ꞵ θ / ð s / z ɕ / ʑ ç / ʝ x / ɣ h
Approximant (w) j w
Lateral Approximant l
Affricate tɕ / dʑ

The plosives exist in sets of tenuis, voiced, and palatalised. i.e. [p,t,k], [b,d,g], [pʲ,tʲ,c] and [bʲ,dʲ,ɟ] respectively.
Voiced and unvoiced plosives are fortis, palatalised voiced and unvoiced are lenis consonants


Front Back
Close i u
Open-Mid ɛ ɔ
Open a ɑ

*All vowels can be lengthened by doubling the letter.


[r] -> [ʀ] / _#
C[+plosive +voice] -> C[+fricative +voice] / V_V ((Lenide))
Pitch Accent: High tones are marked with a circumflex on the vowel, (eg. Faerûn [faɛꜛrun])


While I work on adapting the Espruar script to stop being an English code alphabet, I will be using this romanisation:
[p, pʲ] = p
[b, bʲ] = b
[t, tʲ] = t
[d, dʲ] = d
[k, c] = k
[g, ɟ] = g
[m] = m
[n] = n
[ɲ] = ñ
[ŋ] = ŋ
[r, ʀ] = r
[ɸ] = ph
[ꞵ] = bh
[θ] = th
[ð] = dh
[x] = kh
[ɣ] = gh
[s] = s
[z] = z
[ɕ] = š
[ʑ] = ž
[h] = h
[j, ɰ] = j
[w, ɥ] = w
[l] = l
[tɕ] = tš
[dʑ] = dž
[i] = i
[u] = u
[ɛ] = e
[ɔ] = o
[a] = á
[ɑ] = à

Sound shift from Sylvan

- V -> Ø / C_C[+identical]
- Cː[+plosive -voice] -> C[+fricative] ((Geminate to lenition))
- V[+nasal] -> V[-nasal]